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Artwork and Inspirations

3AM Beach


Inspired by descriptions and emotions from the song, this work was created by Maris Gilbert, Minneapolis, MN.  The image depicts the darkness represented in the song, but also the coming dawn at the end of a long night.  More of Maris' artwork can be found here:   

Maris Gilbert

Send Me an Angel


This photo is of the eight man team competing in the 2013 Race Across America (RAAM) bicycle race.  They are veterans and active duty soldiers from Walter Reed Hospital, Washington DC, who fought across the ocean in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I had the honor of participating in this event as a driver and bike mechanic, following these soldiers as they biked nearly 3,000 miles across the United states, starting in Ocean Side California, and ending in Annapolis Maryland.

The perseverance, grit, and toughness of these men inspired Send Me an Angel, a song about a veteran who in the face of uncertainty was able to pull herself out and begin making her way forward, regardless of how dire any situation may be.

The 2013 Walter Reed RAAM team is

First row, left to right

Omar Duran, Michael Frazier, Timothy Brown

2nd row, left to right

Nieves Rodriguez, Justin Gaertner, Keola Dietz, Jeff Palenske, Nathaniel Brown

When Its all Said and Done


This song was inspired by my father-in-law Jim Cunningham, seen here with his daughter (my lovely wife) Holly.  Jim was an incredible, loving, and generous man.  He welcomed me into his home, knowing I would strive to be a good husband to his only daughter.

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